Acquiring B2B leads

Acquiring leads

Acquiring sales leads is an essential element of the functioning of any company. A lead is a contact left by the customer on the website, form or elsewhere. It is verified in terms of suitability and probability of sale.

Generating leads

Our company offers generating sales leads by means of cold-mailing, which is one of the most effective forms of acquiring contacts.

Acquiring B2B clients

Personalized e-mail campaigns (cold e-mail) provide innovative way to build a relationship with a potential customer. They are time and cost-effective. According to research, this is the method of finding new customers, that has the highest return-on-investment rate (ROI).

We reach people in decision-making positions (the owners, presidents, marketing directors, purchase directors, etc.) You do not have to waste your time going through their secretaries. We make the content of the campaign as short as possible, what makes it interesting to the recipient. E-mails also contain a strong business message. We aim to create initial bond with a potential customer and make it easier for your salespeople to move forward in the sales process.

Why leads are crucial for your company?

Cold e-mail campaigns significantly reduce the time necessary to acquire new contacts. Within two weeks, we are able to contact as many as 400 decision-making people for you. Our methods allow you to get a clear picture of who is actually interested in learning about the details of your offer. As a result, you immediately know the parties worthy of further talks.

During the cooperation, there will be a clear picture of who is interested in knowing the offer, so that you can get acquired B2B customers. All the logical states, as we imagine, your potential customers see your brand from the very beginning, it was the same witness of how the project looks from the inside.

Acquiring sales leads

The process of acquiring sales leads is as follows:

Pozyskiwanie leadów B2B

We begin by defining the target groups, sales figures and then we create the concept of the project.

Pozyskiwanie leadów B2B

We prepare a thorough contact database, message content and the schedule. It helps us maximize the results.

Pozyskiwanie leadów B2B

We implement the project and continuously analyze the incoming results.

Pozyskiwanie leadów B2B

You can keep your eye on interested companies in real time. Your sales representatives may get in touch with them at any given moment.

While we run the campaign you get full GDPR support from us. We are one of the few agencies that cooperates with a law firm specializing in modern marketing.

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