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Expand relationships with new customers

Free your sales people's calendar. We will take over prospecting and first contact with your new clients.

Sales Support Services

Everything you need, to sell more and sell better. Consulting, implementations, virtual assistantand support

Why work with us?

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Precise and Reliable Data

By cooperating with credit bureaus, we learn how to becomeperfectly compatible with your client’s profile.

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Transparent Business Model

You know exactly what we do, and who we get in touch with. We do not hide anything.

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Quick Action

We launch our projects even as soon as two weeks after signing the contract

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Legal Methods

We are one of the few agencies thatemploy a lawyer (legal advisor), who specializes in GeneralData Protection Regulation (GDPR) and new technologies.

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New Sales Potential

We do not include your current customers, so your salespeople willonly speak with brand new contacts.

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Assistance in Additional Markets

We are able to find and deliver interested parties from foreign markets, in a very short time.

What do people say about us?

3 out of 4 our customers remain with us for good

Igor Pakiela
Igor PakielaSales Director at Andea Solutions
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I decided to work with GetSales, because they chose good companies from our target and they had experience with working with clients from industry sector. I decided to continue with them, because they were fast and our results were good. They were flexible and willing to adjust the contract to our needs. What was positive too is that they are always in touch with you to talk about every option for you and your company. To sum up - I recommend GetSales!
Kamila Kowalska
Kamila KowalskaCommercial Director at Smart Points
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I was looking for a Partner who would be familiar with the specific needs of the B2B industry. GetSales prepared a campaign that I consider to be very well done. The content was well-structured, so it felt natural to the customers. Thanks to the regular meetings with the Project Manager, we managed to tailor the campaign to our needs and the final results exceeded our expectations. I sincerely recommend cooperation with GetSales!
Anna Osmialowska
Anna OsmialowskaMarketing Director at MWT Solutions
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I recommend working with GetSales mostly because of their quick acting and the quality of the content they create. They were really efficient and considered all our comments and suggestions in all communication.Precise filtering of the contacts they implement, allowed us to reach the people in decision-making positions from various industries and countries. We’ve been working together for over a year now and each of the projects has achieved the expected results.
Grzegorz Kasprzyk
Grzegorz KasprzykMarketing Manager at Tikrow
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We’ve been cooperating with GetSales for over a year now. They provide us with high quality leads from the B2B industries we’re interested in. Due to their quick work, professionalism and familiarity with various aspects of the market, we have made a decision to enter a long-term partnership. I highly recommend their services.
Michał Kozownicki
Michał KozownickiVP at EMS Partner
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The thing I most appreciate about working with GetSales is their flexibility and initiative. The team has a highly developed ability to adapt and adjust provided content. As a result the effectiveness of the message and the mailing campaigns we carried out together, was excellent.
Maciej Markiewicz
Maciej MarkiewiczMarketing Manager at Luneos
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I could say that GetSales is a professional, reliable and meticulous company. But I’d rather say, they are a Partner. With such a Partnera Manager like me can feel calm and confident that all the deadlines and objectives will be met and the quality of the job will be satisfactory. To this Partner, I give full control of the project, with certainty that the results will meet my expectations.
Marek Czyżewski
Marek CzyżewskiCEO at Pravna Group
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GetSales executes their assigned tasks in an exemplary manner. Their capacity for preparing databases of people and companies that might interest us,is extensive and satisfactory. The prospects they put together are based on conditions agreed upon and at an appropriate price.
Daniel Grzelak
Daniel GrzelakKey Account Manager
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I consider our cooperation with GetSales a very positive experience. They delivered valuable contacts with the decision-making people. They key point being their ability to reach both, small business owners and business managers of the largest factories in Poland, alike. I recommend cooperation with them, especially to any company who is looking for a way to quickly and effectively find new potential areas of activity for their salespeople.
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A cutting-edge sales support agency

Our agency focuses on sales growth. We promote a proactive approach to sales. You do not need to spend all your budget on advertisement, that may never be noticed by your potential customers. Instead, we can reach them directly and ease you into the conversation. While working with us you will:

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7 powodów, żeby zacząć korzystać z systemu CRM 

Wsparcie sprzedaży to nie tylko generowanie leadów, ale cały przekrój działań, dzięki którym sprzedaż jest skuteczniejsza. Jednym z elementów tej układanki jest oprogramowanie CRM.  Mogę powiedzieć szczerze — kiedyś byłam naprawdę sceptyczna wobec wykorzystania systemu CRM. Zresztą, pewnie jak większość handlowców 🙂 Jednak przez ponad półtora roku pracy w GetSales doszłam do wniosku, że nie

Dlaczego gwarancja leadów i CPL nie mają sensu? 

Temat rozliczeń agencji lead generation jest bez wątpienia gorący i budzi wiele dyskusji. Dla wielu klientów płacenie za pojedynczego leada lub gwarancja leadów to czynniki decyzyjne w wyborze agencji prowadzącej kampanie.

Tymczasem, żaden z tych sposobów rozliczania się z klientem, nie jest dla niego realnie korzystny. Odważna teoria?

GetSales’ manifesto 

W pozyskiwaniu leadów nie chodzi o leady… chodzi o sprzedaż. To chyba jasne, nie? Często klienci wspominają, że muszą przecież sprzedać na leadach od nas, żeby koszty kampanii się zwróciły z nawiązką. Agencje lead generation powinny wspierać klientów w dojściu do podpisania umowy. Powinniśmy być jak lekarze, którzy krok po kroku dochodzą do wyleczenia pacjenta.  Uważam,

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