Who should I reach out with the cold mailing campaign?

Do kogo skierować kampanię cold mailingową?

One of the most common questions I get before starting cooperation is which target group is best to write cold emails to. I always answer that you can reach anyone, regardless of the position or size of the company. Still, from the business point of view, I believe it’s best to aim for the decision-makers of medium-sized companies and corporations.

I’ve already written a short tutorial on outbound strategy, and today I will focus specifically on whom to target. Why is it worth reaching out to bigger than smaller fish in outbound sales most of the time?

Bigger companies = Bigger ROI

Although there are exceptions to this rule, in most cases, the larger the company, the more problems it has to solve and the greater the scale of these problems. Finally, and most importantly, the bigger the company, the greater the company’s budget.

These three aspects are crucial for our clients who seek not just the number of leads but, most importantly, their quality. At the end of the day, it’s the highest possible ROI that matters.

When you decide to run a cold mailing campaign with the support of an agency, you have to consider other costs than the agency prices themselves. For example, obtaining a lead also includes the sales representative’s work, who consults the strategy, holds meetings with potential clients, conducts negotiations, and signs contracts.

Notably, the cost of cold mailing investment is the same, no matter what companies you target.

The other side of the coin is the return on investment. In the case of cold mailing campaigns, you have 100% influence on who receives the message from the salesperson. It costs the same to contact a large bank’s COO and a small company Founder.

In other words, when you target large companies, you can scale the return on investment while maintaining the exact costs.

Reaching the decision-makers of large companies

Another argument I like to point out is that access to decision-makers of large companies is usually more challenging. When the company has over 500 people, finding direct contact with the sales director or CTO is very difficult. Finding the Founder’s credentials is often impossible.

To talk to a senior corporate person, our clients’ salespeople have to call companies’ headquarters and get through the secretaries and other “gatekeepers” who are unwilling to hand over the phone or provide any information.

In the case of small and sometimes even medium-sized companies, reaching decision-makers is much easier. This is because the phone number on the company’s website is often the number of the owner, and all you have to do is copy it and make the call.

That’s why I recommend our clients to aim high, both in terms of the people’s positions and the size of the companies. Thanks to our Research team led by Kasia, we can contact any company employee of any size.

Reaching the CEO of a small business is simple. Getting in touch with the corporate board not so much.

For us, it is the same effort. Therefore, I think it is a pity to waste the agency’s potential on something that salespeople can do on their own.

If you can’t see the difference…

Let me emphasize this one last time; I’m talking about most, not all cases. Companies’ budgets don’t necessarily increase proportionally to the number of employees, just as large companies aren’t an ideal target for all our clients.

Even so, the ROI potential is much more remarkable when you talk to the bigger players. And since access to them, with our support, costs the same as access to small businesses, why not take advantage of this?

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